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The Culture of Soulshine

Soulshine is the ability to use the strengths you possess to create opportunities of happiness, growth, and inspiration not only for yourself but for others. Soulshine is spreading the shine in order for others to gain.

Reaching Out to the Sun


Support that makes a difference 



The Strength Method 

Do you want more out of your career? Have you found genuine fulfillment in your career path? The average full-time U.S. employee spends 47 hours a week at work.  Career satisfaction is a huge part of feeling happy, especially when we spend so much of our efforts and time working.  If we don't find fulfillment in our careers, it's easier to fall into a negative mindset. The Strength Method will help you ask the right questions, identify the right passion, and serve as a guide to finding career fulfillment! Own your career development! Allow this method to enhance your skill set by investing in your strengths. Set up a session to learn more about The Strength Method.


Spread The Shine

The Soulshine Leadership team strives to make a difference in communities and believes in the connectivity of humanity. We have a mission to add value to our world and the people in it by making an internal leadership platform accessible to all.



Founder of Soulshine Leadership

The Visionary Tree

Soulshine Leadership is proud to introduce the Visionary Tree. This tool is was created to support the goal-setting process by simplifying it. Using this tool allows you to incorporate strategic-thinking/planning, creative thinking, and identify tangible actions in order to contribute to the overall success of the goal. We realize that the world has so many amazing individuals out there with great ideas, thoughts, and moments of pure brilliance! Yet, somehow we limit ourselves by not taking advantage of exploring those ideas, thoughts, and moments of pure brilliance.

 Often enough, we are faced with the procrastination monster. We just can't figure out where to start. We struggle implementing "big ideas" into tangible actions. It's normal to feel overwhelmed by the development and application stages. We acknowledge the hard work it takes to bring a vision to life and wants to help by supplying a tool that supports the process! 


There are a lot of elements in achieving and breaking down goals into tangible action items. Especially of those that incorporate "big picture thinking" and that's why the Visionary Tree is designed to break down the BIG goal into ACTION steps that will execute the overall vision. Together we can support societal growth by embracing visionary thinking. Ideas evolve into visions and visionary thinking can change the world! If you have any big ideas or need thought partners, were here to support and encourage you


 The Visionary Tree, a 5 step process, will provoke your creative thought process, support clarity throughout the developmental stage, and consistently keep the purpose of your vision at the root of all you do! This is a free tool for you to use! We encourage you to draw you Visionary Tree and make it come to life with:

  • Foundational Purpose(the “why” that drives your vision. The outcome that you foresee)

  • Root Goal (the specific goal—this serves as the center of the vision. The overall objective that you want to achieve)

  • Trunk Support (The Internal factors like characteristics or skill sets required in order to execute the vision)

  • Branch Goals (the supplemental goals that will support the success of the overall vision)

  • Leaves of Action (tangible and actionable steps you can take in order to accomplish the branch goals—prioritizing what action steps need to be taken and when)

Our hope is to stimulate your brilliance!



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