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Celebrating The Little Wins Will Create Motivation In Your Life

Think about the first time a child ties their shoe laces. In that moment, it's a big accomplishment and something they celebrate. As the weeks go on, tying their show laces becomes a daily expectation and part of their routine. They celebrate it less and less. As we continue to evolve and grow up we find less time to celebrate the small things. We develop this mechanism at a young age. Once we accomplish the goal set, we move quickly through the celebration stage and on to the next thing. This is part of our developmental growth into adulthood. The repercussions that come from this part of our development mixed with the experiential factors of todays society causes an issue for us as adults. We measure our happiness and success by the "big wins". We start to compare our success and happiness to others and we end up manifesting a self-destructive mindset.

Big picture thinking is necessary in goal-setting, creating an action plan , and building a successful future but if we are constantly in this state of mind we lose focus on the little wins that get us there. Concentrating on the big win/big picture is the first step in accomplishing your goal but if you stay in this mindset without taking action or celebrating the little wins, it will leave you less motivated, overwhelmed, and stressed.

Think about a time when you had a big assignment (work or school) and how overwhelmed you felt to the point you couldn't figure out where to start. We have all been there. How did you manage the process? If you were successful in finishing the assignment you most likely started with one thing at a time. Every time your finished a portion of the assignment you felt a sense of relief and motivation to continue on. Next thing you know, you did it! This is the in-between phase and it's the most crucial phase. The same principle applies to life, the in-between phase is what defines us.

Another example is dieting. We start a diet with the end goal at the front our minds. It fuels our determination at the start of the process. All at once we make the required changes. By the end of the week we are feeling good, we ate healthy for five days, YAY! Then the weekend hits, we splurge on a meal and immediately feel defeated. All the good vibes we created from eating healthy is wiped out in one meal! We choose to dwell on the fact we splurged and beat ourselves up to the point where we have lost all motivation.

Shine Testimonial:

I have been victim to this process for years. This past April I decided to make a change and apply the celebration of the little wins. Instead of starting a diet, I challenged myself to a healthier lifestyle. I started week one with cutting out sweets, week two cutting out pasta, and week three I started to track my food as fuel. Throughout this process I found things that supported my journey like yoga and walking my dog two times a day. Most importantly I created little wins a long the way! Every time I ate a balanced meal I would celebrate with affirmations to myself. "Yes, you did it, Feel proud of yourself in this moment!" As I continued to do so I felt more energized. I have never felt so much self-love than I have throughout this process. I didn't attach a goal weight to my journey but by concentrating on the little wins I have lost forty-seven pounds in four months. I have a long journey ahead but I am more than motivated to reach a healthy and balanced lifestyle. When choosing to indulge, I do not beat myself up, I know in that moment I have earned it. Next time I simply choose to eat a balanced meal and the process continues. Soon enough your splurge meals happen less and you crave balanced meals! It takes one step at a time and don't forget to celebrate the little wins!

The day-to-day hustle of our lives can deter us from celebrating the little wins. We have fallen victim to the idea we deserve things without earning them. Its time to start looking at the in-between phase as the best phase of our lives. These are the moments that add growth, inspiration, clarity, and dedication to our journey. Don't look at the small things as obligations, look at them as the little wins! If you struggle with being on time, celebrate when you are! If you struggle being in large groups, celebrate the times you are! If you struggle with leaving work at work, celebrate the times you do! By celebrating these wins we are reinforcing them in a positive way and this will motivate us to do it again. We all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Learn to fuel your motivation by creating little wins a long the way!

The Definition of Motivation:

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Create your reason with little wins!

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