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Spread The Shine With Soulshine Leadership: We Are All Leaders!

The definition of Soulshine is to use the strengths you possess by creating opportunities of happiness, growth, and inspiration not only for yourself but for others. By exploring self-awareness you have the ability to spread the shine in order for others to gain. SL was designed to create a platform for people seeking advice, guidance, and knowledge about self-awareness and leadership. If you combine self-awareness and leadership in your life it will change your daily mindset, attitude, and energy for the positive. This process is called "Internal Leadership".

Ask yourself this question: Am I a leader? If the answer is no, then ask yourself, who is leading your life? Leadership is in every decision, every choice, and every interaction. Leading your life is the most important leadership role you will ever have. We have the ability to use leadership in every aspect of our lives. Everyday we lead our lives without embracing that realization. We need to accept the fact all of us are leaders in some capacity. Choosing to look at life through a leadership mindset will create the opportunity to have a successful and happy life. Without manifesting a leadership mindset it could lead to difficulty in creating success and happiness in your life.

Forget the stereotypes of what a "leader" is and focus on the truth within the meaning of leadership. The foundation of leadership is built on self awareness. There are many different styles of leaders and there is no right way to lead, however there are effective ways to lead. Leadership styles will differ with adverse personalities, this does not mean one is less effective than another. The only way you will find yourself in a non-effective leadership situation is if you are not open to self-discovery, self-awareness, self-exploration, and self-action. Every effective leader must have the ability to lead themselves first in order to lead others. Think about leadership in correlation with every relationship you have, from a parent to a child, a friend to a friend, a boss to an employee, a partner to a partner, and etc. If we do not lead ourselves first, how are we able to benefit and positively impact these relationships? Isn't the idea of having relationships to add value to ones life? Isn't a big part of leadership the ability to add value to ones life? Helping others obtain their goals, reach their highest level of potential, and feel valued is a goal we all share. Every relationship deserves this type of commitment. If we do not take the time to assess our traits, characteristics, communications style, and how we receive and perceive information we are not doing justice to ourselves or our relationships. We potentially are feeling misunderstood because we haven't invested in our own self awareness.

Soulshine Leadership Goals:

  • Strive to lead yourself in a positive mindset.

  • Acknowledge your strengths and find pride in your abilities.

  • Invest in your self-exploration.

The Power of Knowledge:

Todays power of knowledge is that everyone is a leader in their lives. Whether it be as a parent, friend, teacher, manager, co-worker, or leading ourselves, we need to appreciate the leader within us. By tapping into this awakening we allow ourselves to use our brain capacity at a different level and this will "unlock the shine". I challenge you to start looking through your leadership scope. Every decision you make is leading yourself to the next part of your life. From this manifestation we are able to gain confidence in ourselves. Through this confidence you will have the ability to spread the shine to others.

Now that we have your attention lets face the elephant in the room. We must acknowledge the constraints that stop us from living our best life in order for us to move forward. Life is hard and can be consumed by financial obligations, stress, time issues, the day-to-day hustle, and negative outlooks that will deter us from our self-exploration. It is up to you to commit each morning to bettering yourself. Commit to creating consistency in your life (Three C's). Soulshine Leadership will provide different tools to help you do so. This platform provides you with access to life advice, career & leadership development, shine blogs, leadership concepts, shine testimonials, and morning motivations! There is live feedback provided if you need advice. Just remember its easier to be negative and shoot down the positive vibes then it is to find value in your positive attributes! You are worthy, now give yourself the opportunity to shine!

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