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The Core Values Of An Effective Leader!

When you think about the word "leadership" what comes to mind? For a long time, I thought leadership was defined by a title or position. I associated a leader with an abundance of responsibility, under a lot of stress, exceeding results, and someone who held the leadership title/position. Instantly, I felt I was not qualified to be a leader and fell victim to assumption. I assumed because I didn't have a leadership title nor did I have the responsibility of a leader that I was not a leader. The idea of being a leader was overwhelming until I took the time to understand what leadership truly means. After educating myself on leadership and researching multiple formats, I found that no matter what leadership book I read or leadership speaker I listened to, there was a commonality between them all. They all have similar "core values" of a leader. A leader isn't a title or position, it's a way of living! I have taken my research and defined these "core values" into four characteristics. The following "core values" are the characteristics of an effective leader:

  1. Trust-trust is the essence of every single relationship there is. Without trust, it’s impossible to be an effective leader.

  2. Humility-a leader is someone who puts others first. They put aside their own wants/needs and help others achieve the greatest version of themselves. When this happens, everyone wins!

  3. Authenticity-First, you have to know who you are before you can lead others. Great leaders know who they are and are genuine at what they do!

  4. Perseverance-leaders persevere through the good and the bad. They understand that failing is part of succeeding! They keep moving forward and learn from their mistakes.